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Summer Session II 2018


Interactive Media
Ethan Ham • Global Communication
I M110Introduction to Interactive Media Design (3 hours)
Prerequisite: Interactive Media Major or consent of Department chair.
Course Fee: $40 per credit hour
 01 MTWTF9:00 AM -12:00 PM GCC205 Ethan Ham  
 02 Arr     Ethan Ham Online Course
I M120Concepting and Storytelling for Interactive Media (3 hours)
Prerequisite: Interactive Media Major or consent of Department Chair.
Course Fee: $40 per credit hour
 01 MTWTF2:00 PM -5:00 PM GCC205 Ethan Ham  
 02 Arr     Ethan Ham Online Course
I M289Game Production I (3 hours)
Prerequisite: Game Design Major, IM 110, IM 115, IM 120, IM 150, IM 288; or Game Design Minor, IM 113, IM 150, CS 101, CS 102; or consent of Department Chair.
Course Fee: $40 per credit hour
 01 *R* Arr     David Abzug Online Course
I M355Interactive Media Theories, Concepts, and Practices (3 hours)
Prerequisite: 36 earned credit hours
 01 Arr     Edward L LamoureuxCore: WIOnline Course
 Must have reliable internet connection and all prerequisites.
I M491Special Topics in Interactive Media (1 to 4 hours)
Prerequisite: junior standing; 9 hours in IM program core or specialization courses.
Course Fee: $40 per credit hour
 01 *R* Arr     Heather Ford  
Process of design for projects relating to animation, game design and development, and user experience design. Focus on technical instruction, design aesthetics, and production using a wide variety of software and delivery methods.
Process of narrative structure development. Writing, pre-visualization, presentation, and production of animation, game design, and user interface projects.
Interactive game production using advanced development tools. Game production lifecycle and workflow pipeline. Group dynamics and communication skills. Integration and Design and development documentation.
Examines scholarly concepts, theories, and practices about human communication, mass media, and computational digital technologies. Develops conceptual foundations derived from the cultural and commercial dimensions of media histories, technological innovation, professional practice, and contemporary/everyday phenomena. Provides increased and improved technical vocabularies and develops students' critical examinations of taken-for-granted media phenomena. Posits informed speculations concerning the future of media with particular attention to the roles of citizens, consumers, and producers. Applies intensive writing skills combining reading, study, and discussion with analysis and thinking via diverse written assignments.
Topics of special interest which may vary each time course is offered. May be repeated under different topics for a maximum of 9 hours credit. Topic and prerequisites stated in current Schedule of Classes. Only three hours may be applied toward IM specialization requirement.
This course meets a Core Curriculum requirement.
OC - Communication - Oral Communication
W1 - Communication - Writing 1
W2 - Communication - Writing 2
FA - Fine Arts
GS - Global Perspective - Global Systems
WC - Global Perspective - World Cultures
HU - Humanities
NS - Knowledge and Reasoning in the Natural Sciences
SB - Knowledge and Reasoning in the Social and Behavioral Sciences
MI - Multidisciplinary Integration
QR - Quantitative Reasoning
This section meets a Core Curriculum requirement.
EL - Experiential Learning
IL - Integrative Learning
WI - Writing Intensive
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