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Summer Session II 2018


Civil Engineering
Souhail Elhouar • Jobst Hall 108 • 677-3830
C E250Mechanics II (3 hours)
Prerequisite: CE 150.
 01 MTWTF11:00 AM -12:35 PM JOB200 Souhail Elhouar  
C E270Mechanics of Materials (3 hours)
Prerequisite: CE 150.
 01 MTWTF9:15 AM -10:50 AM JOB200 Sihyun Kim  
C E350Geotechnical Engineering (4 hours)
Prerequisite: CE 260, CE 270.
 01 MTWTF9:15 AM -10:50 AM BR245 Mohammad Imran Hossain  
 LabA TWT2:00 PM -4:50 PM JOB118 Mohammad Imran Hossain  
C E442Design of Steel Structures (3 hours)
Prerequisite: CE 359.
 01 Arr  JOB200 Souhail Elhouar  
Kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies using vector analysis. Kinetics includes principles of force-mass-acceleration, work-energy, and impulse-momentum.
Internal forces; stress, strain, and their relations; stresses and deformations in axial and torsional loading; indeterminate problems; stresses and deformations in flexural members; transformation of stresses; introduction to member design; column buckling analysis.
Physical properties of soils, soil profiles, and deposits. Soil strength determination. Flow of water through soil masses. Laboratory experiments.
Design of steel structural members. Behavior of members and connections. Theoretical and practical considerations in member selection and joint design.
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