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Fall Semester 2018


Political Science
Mark J Gobeyn • Bradley Hall 426E • 677-2497
PLS105Introduction to American GovernmentGenEd: SF   Core: SB(3 hours)
 01 MWF10:00 AM -10:50 AM BR235 R Craig Curtis  
 02 MWF11:00 AM -11:50 AM BR225 Mark J Gobeyn  
 03 MWF12:00 PM -12:50 PM BR225 Charles R Dannehl  
 04 TT9:00 AM -10:15 AM BR259 Edward M Burmila  
 05 TT10:30 AM -11:45 AM BR125 Edward M Burmila  
PLS202State and Local Government (3 hours)
 01 MWF10:00 AM -10:50 AM BR120 Megan Remmel  
PLS207Introduction to Political ThoughtGenEd: HP   Core: HU(3 hours)
 01 TT9:00 AM -10:15 AM BR261 Ryan Reed  
 02 TT1:30 PM -2:45 PM BR261 Ryan Reed  
PLS208Fundamentals of International RelationsGenEd: SF   Core: GS(3 hours)
 01 MWF9:00 AM -9:50 AM BR261 Charles R Dannehl  
 02 MWF10:00 AM -10:50 AM BR261 Charles R Dannehl  
PLS209Scope and Methods of Political Science (3 hours)
Prerequisite: PLS 105.
 01 MWF9:00 AM -9:50 AM BR220 Megan Remmel  
 and F9:00 AM -9:50 AM     BR290     Megan Remmel 
PLS306Comparative Public Policy (3 hours)
Prerequisite: PLS 205.
 01 MWF1:00 PM -1:50 PM BR220 Mark J Gobeyn  
PLS315The U.S. Presidency (3 hours)
Prerequisite: PLS 105
 01 TT10:30 AM -11:45 AM BR235 Megan Remmel  
PLS420Public Personnel Administration (3 hours)
Prerequisite: junior standing.
 01 TT3:00 PM -4:15 PM BR126 R Craig CurtisCore: WI 
PLS459Constitutional Law (3 hours)
Prerequisite: PLS 105; junior standing.
 01 MW3:00 PM -4:15 PM BR142 R Craig Curtis  
PLS480Internship in Political Science (1 to 6 hours)
Prerequisite: consent of the instructor.
 01 *R* Arr     R Craig Curtis  
PLS483Reading in Political Science I (1 to 3 hours)
Prerequisite: Junior/senior standing and consent of instructor
 01 *R* Arr     Mark J Gobeyn  
PLS485Research (1 to 6 hours)
Prerequisite: 3.2 average in student's major; junior/senior standing; consent of instructor.
 01 *R* Arr     Mark J Gobeyn  
PLS494Seminar in American Politics (3 hours)
Prerequisite: senior standing; major or minor in political science. No political science major may take more than two courses in the 490 sequence.
 01 TT1:30 PM -2:45 PM BR245 Edward M Burmila  
The American political system: constitutional principles, political processes, and governmental policy making.
Political processes through which rapidly growing problems of the state and local governments are identified, fought over, and resolved.
Recurrent concepts or issues in political thought and ways they have been treated by classic and contemporary writers. Obligation and the social contract, liberty, justice and equality, property, representation.
Fundamental issues and problems that have contributed to structuring current patterns of international relations.
Introduction to political inquiry; research methods necessary for in-depth research.
A comparative introduction to the social and economic policies of such advanced industrial democracies as Japan, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the United States.
Provides a comprehensive, theoretical, and logical framework to analyze the presidency. Examines the institutional presidency, formal powers, and the president's role in a separated system. Explores the development of the president's power over time, and changes in vetoes, signing statements, bureaucratic management, and relationship with Congress and the courts.
A study of the basic issues and techniques of public personnel administration: focus on the distinctive setting in which public managers function, theories of motivation in the work place, and the tasks commonly faced by human resource managers in the public sector.
Position of the Supreme Court in American system of government as both symbol and instrument of power. Case method.
Students work with selected political agencies, to study practical political problems from the perspective of the discipline. Course may be repeated for a maximum of six credit hours. Pass/Fail.
Individual in-depth work on a subject approved and supervised by a PLS faculty member. For highly qualified students.
Individual research for qualified students. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 hours credit.
This course meets a General Education requirement.
C1 - English Composition
C2 - English Composition
SP - Speech
MA - Mathematics
WC - Western Civilization
NW - Non-Western Civilization
FA - Fine Arts
HL - Human Values - Literary
HP - Human Values - Philosophical
CD - Cultural Diversity
SF - Social Forces
FS - Fundamental Concepts in Science
TS - Science & Technology in the Contemporary World
This course meets a Core Curriculum requirement.
OC - Communication - Oral Communication
W1 - Communication - Writing 1
W2 - Communication - Writing 2
FA - Fine Arts
GS - Global Perspective - Global Systems
WC - Global Perspective - World Cultures
HU - Humanities
NS - Knowledge and Reasoning in the Natural Sciences
SB - Knowledge and Reasoning in the Social and Behavioral Sciences
MI - Multidisciplinary Integration
QR - Quantitative Reasoning
This section meets a Core Curriculum requirement.
EL - Experiential Learning
IL - Integrative Learning
WI - Writing Intensive
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