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Fall Semester 2018


Off-Campus Programs
Christine E Blouch • Global Communication 325 • 677-2400
OCP044Study Abroad (0 hours)
Arrangements for Study Abroad must be made with the office of Dr. Christine Blouch, 325 Global Communications Center, Ph 677-2400.
 01 *R* Arr     Christine E Blouch  
 Bradley affiliated
 02 *R* Arr     Christine E Blouch  
 Bradley non-affiliated.
OCP045Washington Semester (0 hours)
 01 *R* Arr     Edward M Burmila  
OCP046Bradley University Hollywood Semester (0 hours)
 01 *R* Arr     Betty Jane Lawrence  
OCP388Clinical Practicum (0 hours)
 01 *R* Arr     Michelle Fry  
Study Abroad
Washington Semester
Hollywood Semester
Off-campus clinical practicum at an affiliated hospital laboratory.
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