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Summer Session II 2017  

Civil Engineering
Souhail Elhouar • Jobst Hall 108 • 677-3830
C E200Engineering Co-Op (0 hours)Seats
Prerequisite: sophomore standing in the College of Engineering and Technology, 2.0 overall grade point average at Bradley, approval of engineering and technology Co-op coordinator and Co-op faculty advisor.
 01 *R* Arr     Jamie Cobb   
C E250Mechanics II (3 hours)Seats
Prerequisite: CE 150.
 01 MTWTF11:00 AM -12:35 PM JOB200 Souhail Elhouar  8
C E270Mechanics of Materials (3 hours)Seats
Prerequisite: CE 150.
 01 MTWTF9:15 AM -10:50 AM JOB200 Souhail Elhouar  4
C E350Geotechnical Engineering (4 hours)Seats
Prerequisite: CE 260, CE 270.
 01 MTWTF9:00 AM -10:35 AM JOB118 Mohammad Imran Hossain  6
 A TWT11:00 AM -1:50 PM JOB118 Mohammad Imran Hossain  6
Full-time cooperative education assignment for civil engineering students who alternate periods of full-time school with periods of full-time academic or career-related work in industry. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.
Kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies using vector analysis. Kinetics includes principles of force-mass-acceleration, work-energy, and impulse-momentum.
Internal forces; stress, strain, and their relations; stresses and deformations in axial and torsional loading; indeterminate problems; stresses and deformations in flexural members; transformation of stresses; introduction to member design; column buckling analysis.
Physical properties of soils, soil profiles, and deposits. Soil strength determination. Flow of water through soil masses. Laboratory experiments.
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