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Summer Session I 2017


Bernard J Zant • Bradley Hall 101 • 677-2379
SOC100The Sociological PerspectiveGenEd: SF   Core: SB(3 hours)
 01 Arr     Bernard J Zant Online Course
SOC333Sociology of Violence (3 hours)
Prerequisite: SOC 100.
 01 Arr     Bernard J Zant Online Course
SOC391Internship in Applied Sociology (3 hours)
Prerequisite: Prior arrangement, consent of Department Chair. SOC 391 is prerequisite for SOC 392.
 01 Arr     Bernard J Zant Online Course
SOC490Directed Readings (1 to 3 hours)
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
 01 Arr     Sarah Whetstone  
SOC491Directed Research I (1 to 3 hours)
Prerequisite: 3.5 GPA in Sociology and consent of instructor.
 01 Arr     Sarah Whetstone  
Sociological insight into study of humans, society, and culture.
Sociological analysis of the concept and nature of violence in a macro and micro setting, its various manifestations, and evaluation of responses to it.
Supervised work in applied settings; study of practical problems from the perspective of the discipline.
Special study on topics with faculty supervision.
Empirical research with faculty supervision.
This course meets a General Education requirement.
C1 - English Composition
C2 - English Composition
SP - Speech
MA - Mathematics
WC - Western Civilization
NW - Non-Western Civilization
FA - Fine Arts
HL - Human Values - Literary
HP - Human Values - Philosophical
CD - Cultural Diversity
SF - Social Forces
FS - Fundamental Concepts in Science
TS - Science & Technology in the Contemporary World
This course meets a Core Curriculum requirement.
OC - Communication - Oral Communication
W1 - Communication - Writing 1
W2 - Communication - Writing 2
FA - Fine Arts
GS - Global Perspective - Global Systems
WC - Global Perspective - World Cultures
HU - Humanities
NS - Knowledge and Reasoning in the Natural Sciences
SB - Knowledge and Reasoning in the Social and Behavioral Sciences
MI - Multidisciplinary Integration
QR - Quantitative Reasoning
This section meets a Core Curriculum requirement.
EL - Experiential Learning
IL - Integrative Learning
WI - Writing Intensive
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