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Summer Session I 2017


Electrical & Computer Engineering
In Soo Ahn • Jobst Hall 331 • 677-2734
ECE101Introduction to EE: DC Circuits (2 hours)
 01 Arr     Brian D Huggins  
ECE102Intro to EE: Digital Systems (3 hours)
 01 Arr     Yufeng Lu  
ECE221AC Circuits and Systems Laboratory (1 hour)
Prerequisite: A minimum grade of C in: ECE 120, ECE 205
Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in ECE 206 and ECE 208
 01 Arr  JOB143 In Soo Ahn  
Introduction to electrical engineering. Topics includes: voltage, current, resistance, power, and energy, fundamentals of DC circuit analysis using Ohm's and Kirchoff's laws, Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits, superposition, DC analysis of operational amplifiers, and simulation and analysis of DC circuits using SPICE.
Introduction to logic design with focus on the following topics: fundamentals of Boolean algebra and minimization techniques, logic realizations of SOP and POS functions, multiple function synthesis using PLDs, combinational circuit design as it applies to computers, sequential circuit elements, flip flops, counters and shift-registers, clock generation circuits, algorithmic state machine method of designing sequential circuits, and VHDL design and synthesis. Course culminates with a design project that uses VHDL to implement a finite state machine.
The student is introduced to experimental implementation of topics covered in ECE 204, ECE 205, ECE 206, and ECE 208. Experiments will be conducted using the following topics: time- and frequency-domain analysis of RC and RL circuits, system identification, resonance, active filters, sampling and analog-to-digital conversion, modeling, microcontroller applications, modulation, feedback, and transmission lines. The laboratory will culminate in a design project.
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