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May II Interim 2017


Electrical & Computer Engineering
In Soo Ahn • Jobst Hall 331 • 677-2734
ECE571Real-time Operating Systems (3 hours)
Prerequisite: Graduate standing or a minimum grade of C in ECE 205 or equivalent. Not open to students with credit in ECE 471.
 01 Arr     Aleksander Malinowski  
 Course meets May 16 to June 3 and continues from June 13 to June 24.
ECE630Random Variables and Signals (3 hours)
Prerequisite: Graduate standing or a minimum grade of B in ECE 302 or equivalent.
 01 Arr     In Soo Ahn  
Advanced programming of small microprocessor-based systems using high-level programming languages applied to real situations: data acquisition, control, communication, small real-time operating systems. Software development for devices from a family of microcontrollers that is relevant to industrial applications. Cross-listed as ECE 471.
Axiomatic probability; probability distributions; correlation functions; power spectral density; random processes; Markov chains and Markov processes; linear and non-linear systems with random inputs; linear mean square estimation; Wiener and Kalman filtering; applications to signal processing problems.
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