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Fall Semester 2017


Music Education
David C Vroman • Constance Hall 105 • 677-2595
MED251String Technique, Materials and Methods (2 hours)
 01 *R* W6:20 PM -8:00 PM CON113 Jason Warner  
MED321Conducting I (2 hours)
Prerequisite: junior standing in music.
 01 MW1:00 PM -1:50 PM CON406 John R Jost  
MED354Woodwind Technique, Materials and Methods (2 hours)
 01 *R* MW8:00 AM -8:50 AM CON406 LuAnn Stoskopf  
Methods of teaching strings; participation in group performance on all string instruments.
Technique of the baton; gestures and learning independence of hands. Short score reading and rehearsal. Conducting the class in short exercises.
Study of clarinet, flute, and oboe; emphasis on teaching techniques and literature.
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