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Fall Semester 2017  

Health Science
Steven R Tippett • Burgess Hall 217 • 677-2855
H S110Introduction to Health Science (1 hour)Seats
Prerequisite: HS major or consent of department Chair.
 01 M4:00 PM -4:50 PM O H338 Brenda Pratt  1
 02 Th8:00 AM -8:50 AM WES010A Brenda Pratt  0
 03 *R* W4:00 PM -4:50 PM BR225 Valerie A Bennett   
H S306Health Science Applications for Sports and Exercise (3 hours)Seats
Prerequisite: BIO 230, 231, 232, 233.
 01 Canceled
H S320Applied Physiology of Exercise (3 hours)Seats
Prerequisite: BIO 111, 112; CHM 110, 111, 116, 117; PHY 107; HS major and junior/senior standing or consent of department chair.
 01 TT9:00 AM -10:15 AM MAR051 Priscilla Weaver  1
H S425Independent Study (1 to 3 hours)Seats
Prerequisite: health science major and/or permission of the Department of Physical Therapy chair.
 01 *R* Arr     Robert M Bertram   
 02 *R* Arr     Pamela Durr   
 03 *R* Arr     Andrew J Strubhar   
 04 *R* Arr     Melissa L Peterson   
 05 *R* Arr     Brenda Pratt   
 06 *R* Arr     Steven R Tippett   
 07 *R* Arr     Stacie C Bertram   
 09 *R* Arr     Steven R Tippett   
 10 *R* Arr     Joseph Kelly   
 11 *R* Arr     Priscilla Weaver   
 12 *R* Arr     Breanna C Reynolds   
H S460Kinesiology (3 hours)Seats
Prerequisite: HS major and junior/senior standing or consent of PT Department chair.
 01 MWF11:00 AM -11:50 AM WES012 Steven R Tippett  9
 02 TT9:00 AM -10:15 AM O H338 Steven R Tippett  19
Health care professions, terminology, concepts in health science, and basic knowledge and skills of those in health science.
Integration of the understanding of basic human structure and function with common conditions that impact the physical performance of active and healthy individuals.
A systems approach to the study of the human body's response to exercise and physical activity.
Individual study and investigations through selected readings, discussion, and/or written assignment(s). May be repeated up to a total of three hours.
Basic science principles and functional applications that govern function of normal musculoskeletal system.
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