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Fall Semester 2017


Geological Science
Sherri Jeakins Morris • Olin Hall 101 • 677-3020
GES101Principles of Earth ScienceGenEd: FS(3 hours)
 01 MWF12:00 PM -12:50 PM O H149 Matthew Hagaman  
 02 MWF1:00 PM -1:50 PM O H149 John Marino  
 03 MWF9:00 AM -9:50 AM BR139 Matthew Hagaman  
 04 Canceled
 40 Canceled
GES102Principles of Earth Science Laboratory (1 hour)
Prerequisite: GES 101 or equivalent, or concurrent enrollment.
 01 Th2:00 PM -3:50 PM O H133 Matthew Hagaman  
The earth in space; weather, earth materials, and geological processes that control development of the earth's surface.
Laboratory related to GES 101. One two-hour laboratory per week.
This course meets a General Education requirement.
C1 - English Composition
C2 - English Composition
SP - Speech
MA - Mathematics
WC - Western Civilization
NW - Non-Western Civilization
FA - Fine Arts
HL - Human Values - Literary
HP - Human Values - Philosophical
CD - Cultural Diversity
SF - Social Forces
FS - Fundamental Concepts in Science
TS - Science & Technology in the Contemporary World
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