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Fall Semester 2017


Bernard J Zant • Bradley Hall 101 • 677-2379
ANT101The Anthropological PerspectiveGenEd: NW   Core: WC(3 hours)
 01 MWF10:00 AM -10:50 AM BR250 Jacqueline L Hogan  
 02 Arr     Heather Moles Online Course
ANT305Peoples and Cultures of the WorldGenEd: NW   Core: WC(3 hours)
Prerequisite: SOC 100 or SOC 101 or ANT 101.
 01 TT10:30 AM -11:45 AM BR100 Fae Chubin  
 "People & Cultures"
 Middle Eastern Societies
Introduction to field of cultural anthropology and its unique perspective for the study of human culture and societies. Examines modes of social organization and dimensions of culture worldwide. Students are introduced to the diversity of human cultures and to anthropological theories and methods through ethnographic examples drawn from a variety of non-Western cultures. Focuses on processes and institutions of enculturation, including linguistic, economic, kinship, religious, political, and aesthetic practices. Considers the processes of culture change and the effects of colonialism and globalization on these processes.
Examines the cultural and structural features of a particular region of the globe or a specific cultural group. Students will develop a deeper understanding of the processes and institutions of enculturation, and examine the effects of colonialism and globalization on the processes of cultural change. Topics will vary by semester and will be stated in the semester schedule of classes. Geographic foci will include, among others, Asia, Latin America, and indigenous Australia. Repeatable to a maximum of 9 semester hours.
This course meets a General Education requirement.
C1 - English Composition
C2 - English Composition
SP - Speech
MA - Mathematics
WC - Western Civilization
NW - Non-Western Civilization
FA - Fine Arts
HL - Human Values - Literary
HP - Human Values - Philosophical
CD - Cultural Diversity
SF - Social Forces
FS - Fundamental Concepts in Science
TS - Science & Technology in the Contemporary World
This course meets a Core Curriculum requirement.
OC - Communication - Oral Communication
W1 - Communication - Writing 1
W2 - Communication - Writing 2
FA - Fine Arts
GS - Global Perspective - Global Systems
WC - Global Perspective - World Cultures
HU - Humanities
NS - Knowledge and Reasoning in the Natural Sciences
SB - Knowledge and Reasoning in the Social and Behavioral Sciences
MI - Multidisciplinary Integration
QR - Quantitative Reasoning
This section meets a Core Curriculum requirement.
EL - Experiential Learning
IL - Integrative Learning
WI - Writing Intensive
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