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Fall Semester 2017  

AEP Academic Exploration Program IME Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
ATG Accounting I M Interactive Media
AAS African American Studies I B International Business
ANT Anthropology I S International Studies
APL Applied Music WLL Languages
WLA Arabic ENC Leadership in Education, Nonprofits & Counseling
ART Art LAS Liberal Arts & Sciences
AST Astronomy MIS Management Information Systems
BIO Biology M L Management and Leadership
BMS Biomedical Science IMT Manufacturing Engineering Technology
BUS Business MTG Marketing
BLW Business Law MTH Mathematics
PLW Center for Legal Studies M E Mechanical Engineering
CHM Chemistry M S Military Science
WLC Chinese MUS Music
C E Civil Engineering MED Music Education
COM Communication NEU Neuroscience
CFA Communication & Fine Art NUR Nursing
CIS Computer Information Systems OCP Off-Campus Programs
CS Computer Science PHL Philosophy
CON Construction P T Physical Therapy
CJS Criminal Justice Studies PHY Physics
ECO Economics PLS Political Science
EHS Education & Health Sciences MST Professional Master of Arts
ECE Electrical & Computer Engineering PSY Psychology
EGT Engineering & Technology Q M Quantitative Methods
ENG English RLS Religious Studies
ENT Entrepreneurship SEI School Entrepreneurship & Innovation
ENS Environmental Science SCI Science for Educators
FCS Family & Consumer Sciences S W Social Work
FIN Finance SOC Sociology
WLF French WLS Spanish
GES Geological Science ETE Teacher Education
WLG German THE Theatre Arts
GRD Graduate School CIV Western Civilization
H S Health Science WGS Womens and Gender Studies
HIS History WLT World Languages in Translation
HON Honors Program

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